Payment methods

a) Deposit in a bank account:
By selecting this payment method, you will be able to make a bank transfer (the information will be given automatically at the time of purchase). When a bank transfer is made, the customer is charged the commission of the respective bank.
Note: The order will be sent only after we receive the payment, a process of 2-5 working days depending on the bank.

b) Payment by Card:
Payment will be charged directly to the customer’s credit card. The customer will fill in the appropriate form created by the bank with which we work, in order to make a purchase. In this form he will need to fill in his credit card number and other relevant information, such as the expiration date etc. The relevant information with the buyer is transmitted from a protected link directly to the website of the bank that manages our transactions. The COMPANY is not going to store any such information on any of its computers, and is therefore in no way responsible if any third party fraudulently or incorrectly uses the customer’s credit or debit card.

c) COD:
You pay in cash upon delivery.